Fruitful resources to improve Javascript knowledge

11 resources for Javascript developers to improve their knowledge.

Fruitful resources to improve Javascript knowledge

No matter you're a beginner at learning Javascript stuff or a person who familiar with the ecosystem well, you could miss something. I gather here common and specific Javascript and Node.JS resources that could be handy for you.

Well explained topics if you want to deepen to low-level stuff. How the V8 handles Javascript types internally? How does the compiler work?

The Crankshaft pipeline example (simplified)

It also covers garbage collector, memory/performance profiling, code caching subjects.

  • V8 source code
  • Official website - I recommend you to check out their blog, a lot of great topics covered. Also, they post information about newly released versions of the engine and other updates.

WTF, Javascript?

A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples.

Useful examples with explanations for beginners and nice-to-know for all Javascript developers.

NaN === NaN; // -> false
// ----------------------
!![]       // -> true
[] == true // -> false
// ----------------------
typeof NaN; // -> 'number'

Awesome Node.JS

Another Awesome list devoted to the Node.JS ecosystem. It has useful tools, books, tutorials, blogs, cheatsheets, etc.

30 seconds of code

Examples of implementations of handy functions you use often.

How to write cross-platform Node.js code

Why you should care: according to the 2018 Node.js user survey, 24% of Node.js developers use Windows locally and 41% use Mac. In production 85% use Linux and 1% use BSD.

Sometimes you should think about compatibility with other platforms. Good questions covered - for example, why you should point an encoding when reading a file or warn you that os.cpus() is always 0 on Windows.


A collection of books and articles for Javascript developers. There are books about React & GraphQL, Vue, JS design patterns, Node, React Native, JS core, architecture, algorithms, data structures.

Node security cheatsheet

A collection of security advices when developing Node applications.
See also:


Clean code concepts described for Javascript.
See also:


Articles & videos about each of 33 concepts described - e.g. what is call stack, event loop, Javascript engines, type arrays & array buffers, etc.

Javascript design patterns for humans

Design patterns implemented in JS - e.g. what types of factories we can implement, what is builder, prototype or singleton, what is structural design patterns, etc.

Javascript algorithms

Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

Well grouped algorithms with strong explanations. See an example for Bellman–Ford Algorithm.
More from the author:

  • nano-neuron - a simplified version of how neurons work in neural networks.

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